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Hello from the Bench!

This is where it all starts. Jewelry making is my first love.  The natural beauty of our location in the Monterey Bay area, as well as my interest in form and surface are reflected in my pieces.  Everything is handmade and either one of a kind or limited production, made with responsibly sourced materials, including recycled precious metals.

As a jewelry designer, I am aware that gold, diamonds and silver do not appeal to everyone. Presently, there is growing awareness of the environmental impacts of securing metals and stones, and some artists are looking back for inspiration. Historically, there has been a wider array of available metals.

Recently I’ve started working with bronze and glass. I love the rich, warm color of bronze as well as it’s long history as both adornment and sculpture material. Both bronze and glass are recyclable, although I hope it never comes to that!

Each piece is a meditation, hand fabricated and finished, using a minimal amount of electricity. In general, pieces are photographed in both natural light and in electric light to show texture and the range of color. Whenever possible.

Custom Work Interested in something that’s sold out? Don’t see quite what you want? Contact me about a custom order.


Cynthia R-T